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For questions regarding uniforms (including shoe suggestions),

please contact the Cheer Commissioner:


The VYI Cheer Uniform is lent to each cheerleader for use during the season.
Provided by VYI is:

  • Top/Shell
  • Skirt (for female cheerleaders)
  • Poms
Each cheerleader is also required to purchase/have:

Female Cheerleaders (updated from the past due to the purchase of NEW uniforms!)

  • Black Crop Top (Example: 
  • Black Briefs (Example:
  • Cheer Shoes - all white.  Available at Payless (approximately $20). will have options from $20 and up.
  • For cold weather - black leggings or footless tights, gloves (black, white, or red - check with Coach).  
  • Optional items: warm-up, hoodie, fleece headband, clear rain jacket
 Male cheerleaders:
  • Black Turtleneck
  • Black warm-up pants
  • All-white athletic shoes
  • Optional items: warm-up jacket, hoodie, fleece stocking cap, clear rain jacket
Senior Squad female cheerleaders...(7th-8th grades)
  • Black Crop Top
  • Black Briefs
  • Cheer Shoes - all white.  Available at Payless (approximately $20).  GTM (online will have options from $20 and up).
  • For cold weather: Warm Up Jacket & Pants, clear rain jacket, gloves (black)
  • Other optional items for cold weather: hoodie, fleece headband
The uniform is to be worn at games only (not to practices, to school or as a Halloween costume). 

The cost of a VYI uniform and poms set is $150.00.  A deposit check of $150 will collected from every cheerleader.  Uniforms will be collected at the end of the season. If not returned by deadline or returned in an un-usable condition,  then the deposit check will be cashed and any bank fees will be charged to your VYI account.  Deposit checks are shredded upon return of the uniform.


FALL CHEER Uniform Return Info

Fall Cheer uniforms are due back to VYI Cheer by November 21, 2017.

  • Uniforms need to be freshly laundered, and in a bag (Ziploc-type preferred) with cheerleader’s name & coach noted on bag.

  • Return uniforms to:

    • contact for address

  • If uniforms are not returned by the due date, then your deposit check will be cashed.

  • Return only uniform top & skirt. All other items received are property of each cheerleader.